Exercise gives a boost to brain cells – Fitness – MSNBC.com

Exercise gives a boost to brain cells – Fitness – MSNBC.com

There’s a lot of news to catch up on for the HRH Program. This article presents research that’s at the top of the list for sure. It particularly applies to the HRH Program for depression, even though the article doesn’t specifically mention it.

Exercise has been shown to be as effective (if not more effective) than drug therapy for depression. It helps depressed patients regain some sense of normalcy after about two weeks. Similarly, drug therapy seems to work after about two weeks.

Some researchers suspect that the drugs start working after this period because cells in the hippocampus start to divide again, whereas depression seems to shut down this process. Chronic depression has been shown to actually shrink the hippocampus.

If exercise has the same effect on the hippocampus that drugs have, then that may be one explanation of how it mimics the drugs in effectiveness.

What’s not so clear is how the hippocampus is involved in depression in the first place. It seems likely that there are other brain changes taking place at the same time that have an effect on the nervous system and the neurotransmitters secreted in the brain.

Anyway, this is exciting stuff for all HRH Program users, as the type of exercise recommended in the program is similar to that of the research cited here. It also adds to the story that the brain is not so “set in stone” as scientists once believed. As with other parts of the body, it is constantly “reinventing” itself. Fascinating if you ask me!


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